The MNPS Encore Program is designed to nurture, challenge, and develop the potential of gifted and talented students. Intellectually gifted and academically talented students are those whose intellectual abilities and potential for achievement are so outstanding that they need special attention to meet their educational needs. Eligibility is determined based on demonstration of advanced classroom performance, superior results on a national-normed achievement test, and evidence of higher level thinking as measured by assessment of abstract reasoning and logical thinking.

The Encore Program serves eligible students in kindergarten through sixth grade. Encore classes meet one-half day each week in local schools.

As almost 1/3 of Glendale's students participate in Encore, Glendale has the benefit of a dedicated Encore teacher and classroom.  Ms. Andrea Hale joined Glendale for her first year here in 2010-11. She has been teaching for 21 years, has two Master's degrees and is working on a doctorate. Ms Hale has three teenagers, is a vegetarian, loves to read, and loves going to the movies.  She also used to live in Bergamo Italy and loves traveling.  Andrea Hale is reachable at andrea.hale@mnps.org