Teachers may use this form to submit requests to the PTO for materials/supplies, professional development opportunities, and technology funding consideration.
Any questions? Contact Ben Fulwider

If you need to request a check, please complete the form and attach all documentation (invoices, receipts, price lists, etc.). Put everything in an envelope, and put Grady’s name on the envelope. Place it in the PTO mail slot in the office, and your request will be processed.

Please understand that the PTO cannot reimburse monies paid for any sales tax. If a purchase is to be made, please obtain a Tax Exemption Letter and check in advance of a purchase.

It generally can take two weeks for checks to be issued. We are volunteers, and it takes coordination to obtain the two signatures required on each check. Also, any checks over $1,000 require the PTO board’s approval. Please keep this in mind when requesting reimbursement or asking members to purchase supplies to be reimbursed.

If you have checks or cash that need to be deposited, click this tab. Complete the form and submit, and email Jeff, co-treasurer. Place the checks and cash in an envelope, write Jeff on the envelope, and place the envelope in the PTO mailbox in the office. 

Invest is the main fundraiser for the school. You may complete the form and submit. The form provides the various ways in which you may donate.

Co Treasurers

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