Submit requests to the PTO for materials/supplies, professional development opportunities and technology funding consideration

Please complete all areas that are applicable to your request and then click "submit." Any questions contact Amy Tate

2. Date of Request
2. Date of Request
3. Funding Request Category
4. Describe the supplies/materials you are requesting. Include all important information, such as company/catalog/store, specific titles, prices, etc.
5. Describe the ways in which these materials will be utilized in your classroom.
6. Who will use these materials? Check all that apply.
7. Describe the workshop/seminar that you would like to attend with as much detail as possible.
8. Travel expenses Indicate any airfare/hotel/car/per diem requested.
9. Who will attend the workshop/seminar? Mark only one oval.
10. Describe the way in which you will share your experience with Glendale faculty and families. Include dates for teacher inservice, if applicable.
11. Describe the hardware/software/equipment that you are requesting. Include manufacturer, pricing, etc.
12. Describe the way in which this technology will be used in your classroom(s).
13. Who will use this technology? Check all that apply.
14. Deadline If approved, indicate the date by which you need funding.
15.Reimbursement If approved, how would you like for the funds to be distributed? Check all that apply.
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