Buenos Dias Friends,

Welcome to the Glendale Spanish Immersion School, the first of its kind in Nashville, Tennessee. Our goals are to develop students' communicative and academic proficiency in Spanish and English. All reading, spelling, and writing are conducted in English . Approximately half of the day is spent in the Spanish curriculum through teaching Math, Science, and some Social Studies in Spanish. Latin culture is also taught through Art and Music. Glendale has an onsite Encore teacher who serves a large number of students weekly. Many of our children are in the Nashville Children's Choir and are Suzuki violin players. Our Art program hosts special events at Cheekwood for the Glendale families to share in the many art genres our city has to offer. According to State academic scoring, Glendale has been the number one school in Metro for several years, and consistently we have been a Reward School, being in the top 5% in the State.  We received National Recognition Award for our School’s Value Gains.

Our program is designed to develop multicultural awareness and a global perspective with an enriched curriculum. All academic teachers, plus the librarian are bilingual. Teacher interviews are rigorously conducted by a team of Spanish teachers and the Principal. Many teachers hold Masters/ Doctor's degrees and have lived all over the world. We partner with Vanderbilt Spanish studies for teacher training and Sister Cities with their efforts in collaboration with Mendoza, Argentina. Belmont offers Early Childhood College classes at Glendale and tutors our students.

Glendale is a family-centered community and we welcome our parents to be involved in their child's learning journey. Our doors are always open to parents who want to share their time and talents. Many Nashville symphony families offer free performances for our students during the day. Our PTO pays for the Opera, storytellers, and other cultural events. By celebrating diversity through art, music, drama, storytelling and Spanish, we work together to challenge and support all our students as they embark in a lifelong learning journey.